Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Windows 7 nearing End of Life!

Windows 7 nearing End of Life!  On January 14th, 2020, Microsoft will no longer issue security patches for its Windows 7 Professional operating system.  When this happens, the operating system will have reached its EOL and will no longer be HIPAA compliant.  Don't wait for the deadline.  If you wait until the last minute, you will be competing with a rush of orders and this could result in shipping delays, scheduling delays and price increases. Issues we see with upgrading to Windows 10 include: practice management software compatibility, imaging software compatibility, 32 bit vs. 64 bit issues, and EULA restrictions (Windows 10 Home excludes business use).  Contact our sales team today to come up with a plan that meets your budget requirements and creates a smooth transition to a Windows 10 environment.  Email or call 614-319-4681, option 3. Twenty months and counting...

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