Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Why Should I Send Employees to Cybersecurity Training?

Why Should I Send Employees to Cybersecurity Training?

Would you just give the keys to the company vehicle to a new employee without any sort of training or even checking his or her driver’s license?  Why would you do that with a complicated business machine capable of accessing almost all the data and confidential information in your business? If one of your employees clicks on the wrong website or opens a link in a phishing email, they could unwittingly launch a ransomware attack or let a hacker into your network.  ONE CLICK IS ALL IT TAKES! Our basic cybersecurity training class gives your employees the basics of what they need to know when using your IT assets.

What we cover:

  • Recent cyber-attacks – Wanna Cry, the Sony hack, the Target breach, etc.
  • Cybersecurity threats including phishing emails, media dropping, ransomware, infected websites, the dark web, etc.
  • How to spot phishing emails
  • Accessing the Web, safe practices
  • Strengthening your computer and your network against cyber threats
  • Staying safe when using the web
  • How to close malicious popups
  • And much more…

Attendees will receive a signed training certificate which can be used as evidence of security training to meet HIPAA requirements. The class is an hour and a half.  RSVP to 614-319-4681 and select option 1 or email us at . What are you waiting for?

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