Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Public Service Announcement for 3C Tech Clients

Public Service Announcement for 3C Tech Clients

A suspicious receptionist at one of our client dental offices thwarted a hacking attempt!  Here is what occurred:

  • An unknown caller (the hacker) called the main number at a dental office and inquired who their IT vendor was.
  • After the hacker got his answer, he hung up and called back later in the day claiming to be an employee of 3C. 
  • The hacker tried to talk the receptionist into opening a remote session, but the receptionist became suspicious since 3C already has access.
  • The receptionist received the call and immediately called 3C to verify the legitimacy of the hacker's request.

The receptionist was smart to simply call our office and verify the legitimacy of the remote support request.  Remember - if you are our client, then we do not need remote access assistance.

Stay Safe and Follow a Few Simple Rules

  • Privacy - Never release confidential information to random callers regarding vendors, other employees, your network, etc.  This information can be used in hacking attempts.
  • Permissions - Never assist anyone with remotely accessing your network unless you are absolutely positive of the requestor's identity and the legitimacy of the request! 
  • Passwords - Never give anyone your password(s).
  • Verification - If you are a client of 3C, call us to verify anything that seems out of the ordinary.
  • Education – Continue to educate your staff regarding Cybersecurity policies and procedures.  We offer a free class on this with the next class scheduled for December 13th. 

Please contact Brad Primm at or call 614-319-4681 to RSVP for the class.

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