Secure Email - Powered by Microsoft Exchange

Secure Email - Powered by Microsoft Exchange

Our email product is powered by Microsoft Exchange and fully integrates with Microsoft Outlook.  Our encryption option is very easy to use and is fully HIPAA compliant!  Email data is stored locally in a fully secured local data center.  If you have a website domain, we can use your domain name to generate official email addresses that present a professional image for your business.  If you do not have a website, we will secure a domain name for you. The cost is minimal! 

We are using an enterprise grade Barracuda SPAM filter and firewall that provides advanced threat detection, quarantine lists and customizable blacklisting and whitelisting capabilities. YOU ARE IN CONTROL!

The pricing below is subject to change without notice and applies to send and receive capable email addresses.  If you have a need for a receiving address such as, one can be provided at no charge as long as you are purchasing a minimum of two send/receive email addresses.

There is a one-time setup fee that covers data migration, typical installation and training.  For smaller email clients and those who have less history to migrate, this fee ranges from $100-$350.  For larger clients and those who need all history migrated at a larger scale, the installation, migration and training will need to be quoted.

Although there are many competing email products, most do not have a customizable SPAM filter and the encryption can be hard to use.  With our customizable SPAM filter, easy to use HIPAA approved encryption option and local, in person support, we are your best choice!  If you have a problem, you can actually call us!

Contact us today for a firm quotation!  Call 614-319-4681 and select option 3 (sales) or email us at and we will be in touch to start the migration process for the best HIPAA compliant email solution on the planet!

Tri-Dent Secure Hosted Email, powered by Microsoft Exchange
Single User
No Savings
Email + Filtering + Encryption
$12 / user
2 to 5 Users
17% Savings
Email + Filtering + Encryption
$10 / user
6 to 10 Users
25% Savings
Email + Filtering + Encryption
$9 / user
11 to 20 Users
33% Savings
Email + Filtering + Encryption
$8 / user
21+ Users
38% Savings
Email + Filtering + Encryption
$7.50 / user

Prices do not include tax. You will be billed at a discounted rate of $100 per hour for a one-time setup and training fee. All pricing subject to change without notice.

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