HIPAA Compliant Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

HIPAA Compliant Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Our managed backup service is powered by proprietary software and monitored by trained technicians to ensure that the backups are executing without failure.  In today’s cyber threat environment, backups have become even more important than providing typical disaster recovery protections. As part of our service we setup and monitor daily local and offsite backups of database drives identified and approved by the subscriber. There is a one-time setup fee that covers data migration, server configuration, UPS, Patch and typical installation and training.

The software license fee is also a onetime fee and covers the use of the software for the duration of the use of the service. Although there are many competing backup services, most do not have in person support, we are your best choice!  A real person monitors your backups and if you have a problem, you can actually call us!

Contact us today for a firm quotation!  Call 614-319-4681 and select option 3 (sales) or email us at sales@3ctechs.com and we will be in touch to start the migration process for the best managed encrypted backup solution on the planet!

The following bullet points highlight what is included:
  • Offsite backup is to a secure datacenter with 24/7 restricted access, multiple redundant power systems and reliable, high speed internet connectivity
  • The offsite backups utilize 256 bit AES encryption, which complies with HIPAA standards
  • The service holds down costs by including storage space for data files only (no program files)
  • Tri-Dent technicians monitor both offsite and local backups and make corrections, either remotely or onsite, to ensure reliable data is captured
One Time Setup Fee $190
One Time License Fee $135

¹ Prices do not include tax. All pricing subject to change without notice. ² The pricing assumes the 1 TB drive will be added to an existing computer provided by the customer.

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